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Poundtown Condom: Daddy's In the House and He's Ready for Action!

Ready to go all the way? Then pull out the rubber and score your home run.

What most dudes forget (or choose to ignore) in the heat of the moment is protection. But with all the STDs and STIs and ST-craps going around these days, one can never be too safe. Even if your girl's on some form of birth control, she can still be a carrier of transmittable diseases. And remember: guys aren't the only d'cks in town...girls can be extremely huge assh'les too.

Better be safe than sorry, so when you're ready to pound, remember to pack a bunch of these Poundtown Condoms with you.

These fancy extra-sensitive rubbers are wrapped in a Google Maps-inspired package. Symbolically, it means that wherever you are and whoever you're with, Poundtown's got you covered.

These are proudly made by Say It With a Condom. How appropriate.

Get It: $4

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