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Paula Patton Bikini Pictures Form 2 Guns of Candid Mommy Hotness in Miami

Having met Paula Patton in person, I can tell you, she's the real deal in terms of innate allurement. She's not the perfect model everything like you see when she's all made up in lights for movies or magazine pictorials, but something about her just screams, damn, I sure wish she was coming out of my bathroom in her lingerie in the evening for making-daddy-happy time. Such was our pleasant surprise for a rare glimpse of the 30-something MILFy actress with her family on the beach in Miami, flashing some of her real life mom goodness in a bikini, splashing through the water in recreational pursuit.

Paula has a buttload of movies in production and we can only imagine her star is going to rise to the level of some A-list action and thriller movie biggees. We can only hope those artistic endeavors include some more topless endeavors as well. We all need a little something something from mama. Enjoy.

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