Nina Agdal Selling Bras; I Couldn't Be More Supportive

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I would climb any mountain to see our Danish Delight Nina Agdal in her bra and panties. But it really is so much easier just to open a magazine in the privacy of your own office, boudoir, or latrine. The super-sextastic model is working about eight days a week these days, booking gigs faster than she can get in and out of her clothes, mostly for lingerie and swimwear companies that find her combination of sexy smile and wicked hot body to be perfect for their own bottom lines.

In this bra photoshoot for Aerie Lingerie, Nina once more shows why she is simply one of the single best undergarment pimpers in the world. If you believe that buying this bra is in any way shape or form going to make you as appealing as Nina Agdal, you're going to be buying lots of bras. Enjoy.

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