Nicole Trunfio Is A Very Good Looking Woman At N.Y.C. Film Event

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Sometimes I like to rub it in a little bit to our friends from Down Under that while they are a literally gold mine of producing extremely hot female forms, we Americans are often the ex-pat beneficiaries of this amazing farm system. Supremely hot Aussie women like Nicole Trunfio, just one fine country bumpkin turned model, now moved to the shores of our fair nation to increase the overall good lookingness factor. Something about Nicole just screams out to me, really fun girlfriend (for up to six months).

Nicole was out doing her thing in N.Y.C., simply being really good looking at a Calvin Klein sponsored film event in the city. I don't know if that means there were lots of young adult males running around in their undershorts, either way, we cut them all out so you could just share a moment of pure bliss checking out this sextastic transplant. Australia, you keep producing them, we'll keep taking them in. Seems like a square deal. Enjoy.

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