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Nekkid Stephanie Seymour Got Me Put on Facebook Probation

Photo credit:  Mert Alas  and  Marcus Piggot /Interview Magazine

She's not really even nekkid, but we posted this glorious tribute to the 45-year old seat cans of Stephanie Seymour on Zuckerberg's little social media site and his lieutenants in the Morocco who review lewd and lascivious content on Facebook ruled it out of bounds. Of course, those same sub-minimum wage offshore Facebook non-employees somehow approved a bazillion pictures of Miley Cyrus taking the old bump and grind at the VMAs in her underwear, but, such is the nature of low-cost censorship based on the mantra 'female body parts = evil'. Alas, America, I will heal you before I leave this planet!

But, back to Stephanie Seymour's fine female nekkid form in Interview magazine. All I could think about looking at those powerful butt cheeks is, wow, she has two very lucky sons at home. Oh, Steph, I'm kidding, Call me. We'll have dinner. Bring those hineys. Wow, I guess I am kind of lewd and lascivious afterall. Enjoy.

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