Natalia Proza Brings You Even More Bikini Hotness Whilst Imbibing

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Not quite as nice as last week when Natalia Proza came out of the Pacific in a see-through wet t-shirt to help promote some bottled water product, but, her commercial shoot continued, as did her hotness, in a bikini that showed off her slender fine model form.

I'm not exactly sure how seeing a sextastic young woman in her bikini is going to get me to buy water, I mean, unless she says she will take off her top if I go buy lots of water. In which case, I would run, not walk, to the local market and purchase whatever she told me. But I suppose there's some associative feelings here that if you do buy the water, you will look like Natalia or get a girl that looks like Natalia. Being a realist I have to think both of those possibilities are a long shot for me. Enjoy.

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