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'Mr. Go' Is the Best Movie About a Baseball-Playing Gorilla You'll See All Year

On a scale of 1 to 10, how badly would you want to see a movie about a little girl with a pet gorilla who plays baseball?

That's right. You would want to see that movie 11 badly, because movies about apes playing baseball—like the 1996 classic Ed, starring Matt Leblanc—are the best.

Luckily, the premise I just described to you about a little girl and her baseball-whacking gorilla is a real movie. It's called Mr. Go, and it was the first South Korean film to be fully shot in 3D, which means it is groundbreaking as well as brilliant. The film was released in South Korea back in July, but has been hitting theaters elsewhere in Southeast Asia ever since, and it opens up in Hong Kong on August 15.

Of course, chances are Mr. Go won't get released stateside, because American audience can't even handle shit this amazing. However, if you know your way around the internets, I'm sure in time you can manage to get a high-quality copy of this to show your kids.

Yeah, it's in Korean, but whatever. The films speaks the universal language of gorillas playing baseball.

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