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Miley Cyrus Showing Off Legs for Harper's

Say what you will about her short questionable hair style and that omnipresent bright red lipstick against the bleached white teeth, but one thing you can not take away from the new all grown up Miley Cyrus is her lean tight body she's been working on hard the last couple of years. And that would most definitely include her toned legs, the ones she's flashing heartily in the new edition of Harper's Bazaar.

Now, you may not be a leg man such as myself (also a breast man, back man, neck man, ass man, midriff man, and oh, those damn hot ear lobes on the ladies), but you have to respect the gams on any girl who does Pilates as often as Miley, quit some of the poorer foods in her diet, and is more than happy to show skin. Respect. And, ogle. A gentlemanly tandem. Enjoy.

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