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Maria Menounos Takes a Sweaty Kick-Ass Turn as a WWE Diva!

Talk about a wonderful harbinger of hotness. Our lady of the sextastic, Grecian goddess Maria Menounos, took a turn yesterday as a WWE Diva in a Summer Slam promotion that saw her cleavetastic halo grappling, lunging, and choking out various female wrestling opponents. I felt a little loss of oxygen my ownself leering at this truly extraordinary and completely unexpected sight. Not since the merging of chocolate and peanut butter have I felt such a rush of synergistic tingle.

I have absolutely no idea the forces that made this stellar visual possible, but whoever was in charge, I want to hug them. Unless it's a big sweaty dude, in which case I'll just do my usual of casually slipping a twenty-spot and asking for a center stage seat to check out Savannah. Oh, not even as good today as Maria flashing her toned tummy betwixt the turnbuckles. How badly do I want her to kick my ass? Oh, quite badly. Enjoy.

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