It’s National Aviation Day! Why Make ‘The Wright Brothers’ Mysteries’ and Forget to Add… the Wright Brothers?

Yes indeed. On this day in 1939, President Roosevelt introduced National Aviation Day. It’s a celebration of a renegade band of badass American pioneers, whose ingenuity enabled us all to cruise across the sky with style, luxury and tiny packets of airline peanuts, just like our forefathers intended.

At the same time, let’s spare a thought for similar innovative souls from across history and the world: Robert Cocking, the artist from Merry Olde England, whose thoroughly shit-tastic parachute design saw him shatter into a thousand meaty specks on the ground during an 1837 demonstration; the first man to be killed in a parachuting accident. Laika, the poor bastard Soviet dog that was fired ass-first right into goddamn space –presumably against its will– and died there a hundred and twenty years later.

Through their noble efforts and sacrifices, in 2013 we can cruise to extortionately priced island resorts in the Mediterranean as we please (repeating our requests to the non-English-speaking natives a little louder/slower, as though this will help them decipher just what in holy hell we’re talking about), and enjoy the sight of models meandering about on the beaches there sans tops. It’s a boob-browning golden age, and it’s all thanks to these guys.

National Aviation Day 2

They sure have come a long way.

Back on the topic of homegrown aviation heroes, though, we have to note that August 19 was chosen because it’s the birthday of Orville Wright; the mustache-ier half of the much ballyhooed Wright brothers. Whether they truly invented the airplane is still contested, but their sustained flight in 1903 was a world first. It’s also true that the indie game the Wright Brothers’ Mysteries (made via the ancient majesty of PC game the Movies) has nothing at all to do with either of them. Ever. Not even slightly.

Set your phasers to what the shit and take a look below. Cade and Evan Wright? Nuts to them.