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Isla Fisher Working Out in Stretch Pants, There's Nothing I Don't Love About This Ginger

I honestly could watch Isla Fisher go about her daily routine, maybe take in some visual inventory up and down her body a few times an hour, and be a perfectly crazy happy man. There's nothing not alluring about this underrated redhead with a penchant for turning the ordinary into a girl-next-door lust crush type moment.

Watching Isla going to the gym in blessed stretch pants, even well covered, well it was easy to imagine how delightful she would shine a good thirty minutes into her sweaty workout with her celebrity friends at Tracy Anderson's fitness studio. Oh, to be the towel and locker room boy at that facility. Not that really have any official changing area. I should know from seventeen hours of binocular scanning this past weekend alone. It's like the Fort Knox of the celebrity sextastic, complete with one super fine redhead in yoga pants. Enjoy.

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