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Highlights of Gamescom 2013: Looks Like Bruce is STILL Pissed in the Latest Trailer from Batman- Arkham Origins (VIDEOS)

For the uninitiated, Gamescom is a video game trade fair held annually in Cologne, Germany. It's a little like E3, with more lederhosen, beer drinking festivals and taste-tacular sausages shaped like enormous curly dicks.

Which sounds fantastic, incidentally. Nuts to E3 next year.

But to business. 2013's Gamescom event concluded this past weekend, and left us a formidable legacy of gaming goodness to admire/be indecently aroused by if we're pervy enough. Our first highlight is none other than our ol' buddy Bruce Wayne, strutting his stuff once again in the name of origin story Batman: Arkham Origins. Fans of appalling one-liners, stun rods, jetpacks, explosions and general badass violence, this one's for you.

Via IGN.

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