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Hayley Roberts Flashes Her Lean Tummy in Short Shorts

Go ahead, say what you will about David Hasselhoff. Laugh at him like people do about silly Baywatch or being a cheesy recording star in Germany or all the other things he does that allows him to open up big fat checks each month in the mail that well drowns out the laughter.

Also, the glorious benefits that come with such fame and fortune, like super hot girlfriend Hayley Roberts. The Welsh shopkeeper who might be just a tad bit younger than The Hoff, and certainly strikes a sextastic pose in her little outfits showing off her body in the hot summer sun.

So, yes, chuckle, titter, and snicker til you're blue in the fact. David will be busy making naughty expressions with Hayley Roberts and pointing to the scoreboard of life. Enjoy.

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