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Grand Theft Auto Online: Just Like Real Life, But With More Gun-Shooting and Plane-Flying (VIDEO)

Oh man, it's Thursday. One more boring day before that one boring day between you and a weekend full of mind-numbing excess. Thankfully, to make the day a little less boring, Grand Theft Auto Online gameplay is here! Finally. And it looks like a gloriously face-shooting good time, but in a persistent online world, against real people.

Remember way back when you were playing The Sims and you were all, 'I wish I could play this with other people...and then shoot them in the face' and then they came out with Second Life? Then, when you were playing Second Life, you were all, 'I wish I could rob banks and deal drugs up in this...oh and I wish I could have a para-shoot-out one day and a fighter jet the next day...and then shoot people in the face...also up in this'? Well, now it looks like with GTA Online you can have your para-shoot-out cake and eat it too. Or Something.

Maybe you're not yet into persistent online worlds and you just want to shoot people in the face, but 'the law' says you can't? Thankfully, that's what GTA Online is all about, doing things digitally that the law says you can't. Like riding a four-wheeler in your knickers, or getting corn-rows. Check it.

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