Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: Stripping, Mario Kart Driving Lessons and Youtube’s ‘Missile Command’ Invasion

Video games, as we know, are always given a torch-and-pitchforks reception from the press. Whenever a link between the criminal crazies du jour and gaming can be established, newsreaders who wouldn’t know a PlayStation if it was thrown at their gonads on the sidewalk are all up in it. However demented and/or sensationalized said ‘link’ might be.

Remember the story that revealed Charles Manson once played Tetris for five minutes in his youth, which totally spurred him on to a life of thievery, shootings and general criminal-sect-leading? Nor do we, but all the lambasting is still unfair.

So how about some suitably bizarre feel-good video game news? The tale of the ten year old who averted a car crash and credited his Mario Kart skills for the heroic action, for instance? Add Youtube’s recent Missile Command obsession and a heaping helping of stripping, and that’s just what the Whacked Out Week brings us today.

Kotaku brings us stripping turn-offs, unexplained bouts of Missile Command and thrilling Mario Kart-based driving anecdotes.