Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: Sexiness, Vomiting and Cakes

Microsoft, as you’ve surely noticed, have been thrusting Xbox One into our eager eyeballs at every opportunity. There’s been inane bitching at Sony and the PlayStation 4, ‘innovation’ and other such buzzwords, and nerdly prattle about the new controller. But there’s one card that hasn’t been pulled out of the deck of crazy yet: a video demonstration of just how sexy the upcoming console really is. Literally.

Until now, as that’s just what we bring you this week. OXM’s facetious little festival of beardly hardware touching/licking/caressing is all kinds of batshit crazy, and shows just what adverti-stunts are coming to. Take a look in the gallery, if you dare.

Elsewhere above, see the game that demands we make real-life baked goods for our not-real-life girlfriends, and the kind of vomit-y publicity Ouya really doesn’t need.

Kotaku bring us sexy consoles, the Ouya commercial of doom and cake baking against our will.