Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: Apparently, We Should All Drop the Outrageous, Sinful Call of Duty and Play Board Games Instead

Yes indeed. As we saw, video games were portrayed in a rather positive light by the media last week. Once. Inadvertently. For a second or two. But they were nonetheless. It’s only fair, then, that somebody now strides onto TV and embarks on a red-faced, spittle-flying tirade of pure molten horseshit about the evils of Call of Duty. Just to redress the universe’s delicate balance of dumbassery.

Right on cue, here come CNBC. Who have they drafted in for a bizarro debate entitled ‘Did Call of Duty Kill Chivalry?’ A surely-knowledgable-on-the-subject Internet matchmaker, to whine/decry Call of Duty/brandish her sandwich board with ‘the end is nigh’ daubed upon it like one of those crazies on street corners (not prostitutes, the other kind), that’s who.

Board games? Balls to them.

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