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Farrah Abraham Bikini Pictures for a Teen Mom Keeping in Kissing Shape in Lauderdale

Say what you will about Teen Mom Farrah Abraham, I'll say this -- the star of both MTV and Vivid video is keeping herself in pretty stellar shape, both the natural and unnatural bits working quite nicely to create one very ogle-worthy bikini body. And Farrah does love to pose on the beach. This time, in her signature KISS bikini.

In her latest not particularly candid candid photos from the beach in Fort Lauderdale, Farrah shows off a tight lean body and booty that, well, might just become popular one of these days in those adult style films I keep hearing about but am too high minded to watch (more than thrice a day). There are rumors of Farrah being courted by Dancing with the Stars and a few other celebrity reality shows, but as for me, Ferdinand, I'm content to sit here under my cork tree and check out her bikini body bending and preening. Enjoy.

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