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Elisabetta Gregoraci Bikini Pictures From Her Latest Port of Endless Vacation Call

Porto Cervo is the latest bikini tanning stop in the trophy wife life of Italian model Elisabetta Gregoraciwho we love to follow about the hot spots of the world, tracking her various hot bikini body vacations, and cutting her chunky wealthy older sugar daddy out of the photos. It's a sport, not a game.

Elisabetta deserves whatever it is she's getting, as all sextastic women do deserve special consideration and treatment. And, hey, being a kept woman is by no means a simple job. It's not all candy canes and gum drops. There is the piper to be paid at the end of the day. But, while the sun is out and your body is still hot, it's exhibition time that even us modest income folks who can't afford to maintain a European model in a comfortable lifestyle can still take comfort in. Enjoy.

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