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Elianis Garrido Lingerie Pictures for a Little Latina Something Sextastic

Okay, you can take all your fancy American and European lingerie line advertisements, and we do delight in those shoots, but maybe none compare to the outright lingerie eye-popping ability of the lovely ladies of South America. Hot models and celebs like Colombian Big Brother alum Elianis Garrido, getting all kinds of muy sexual in her little panties and bra for the camera.

I'm not going to say that the sweet sultry sight of Elianis in her pretty little underthings is enough to get me to gas up the 92-gallon tank of the Egotastic! Winnebago for another trip down the Pan-American highway. But I'd be lying if I didn't say I'm actively searching for a third or fourth tier insurance provider willing to underwrite the trip after we lost so many people on the last venture due to various social maladies. The hot ladies of Sudamericana do beckon every so strongly. Enjoy.

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