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Edita Vilkeviciute Deliciously Sextastic for Mango

I'm not exactly sure what Mango is as far as a fashion brand, but I do know the fruit itself is known for its exotic tender flesh and dripping juicy consumption experience. Which is to say, it's perfect for my future wife, Edita Vilkeviciute, who somehow manages to keep her clothes on for a photoshoot this time (I'll speak to her about that) but still exudes all kinds of lust-producing visuals as tall, lean, wicked hot Lithuanian supermodels are apt to do.

Someday, when Edita is my old ball and chain, and we are bitching at each other about the toilet seat, I'll look back on these photos and remember why I first agreed to stalk her. Then, we'll make sweet tender love on top of the john and cry from such a deep expression of our passions. I have this all mapped out in my Future Wife diaries. With sketches. Enjoy.

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