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Dude Tries to Smuggle His Pet Turtle On Board a Plane...As a Hamburger!

Oh, for the love of pet turtles!

A Chinese man couldn't bear to part with his turtle, so he disguised the latter as a hamburger and tried to take it with him on the plane that he was about to board. And he would've succeeded, too, had it not been for those darned airport security people who poked their noses into the KFC box where the turtle was being hidden.

After passing the box through the x-ray machine (does x-ray kill turtles? Let's hope not!), airport security noticed the odd protrusions coming out of the burger. So the Chinese dude says, very smartly, that there's 'no turtle in there, just  a hamburger' and added 'there's nothing special to see inside' after they probably decided to take a closer look at the supposed burger.


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