Diane Reilly Topless Summer Classic Hotness in Attilio D’Agostino Photoshoot


I love all the letters we receive in our Egotastic! inbox, even the ones from those poor Nigerian barristers trying to find a home for bureaucratically tied up millions in gold mine fortunes. But if I had to place any correspondences in an even higher category, it’d be those containing pictures of super hot women. Let’s be honest, this is primarily why email was invented. No offense to blind BCC mailing list from Hollywood publicity firms pedaling crap. It’s all about the goodie goods.

So, while we don’t often feature relatively unknown subjects, when ‘Duane’ wrote a rather moving, almost six word passion play on behalf of model Diane Reilly in this rather spectacular ‘Summer Night’ shoot from photographer Attilio D’Agostino, well, we just had to share Duane’s allspark. This is quite the ode to all-American girl next door beauty in the heat of summer. Also, beyond odes, it’s just really damn hot. Thanks to all involved. Enjoy.