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Demi Lovato Nekkid Photos -- Don't Hold Your Breath

I mean, you're welcome to hold your breath. It's actually good for your health, or at least my father tried to convince me so as he desperately urged me to see if I could break the world record mark several times as a child, eventually abandoning this pursuit when he found out you can't take out life insurance on a minor child. Our friends at RadarOnline are reporting that somebody in the webisphere is 'shopping' around naughty amateur photos of Demi Lovato nekkid and engaged in personal bodily party time activities. And, many of you are writing us about them.

Of course, IF they exist, IF they are really Demi Lovato, and IF we can, we will bring them to you. But don't hold your breath. Or do. See if you can break my record.

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