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Coming Soon? Booze Minus the Hangover

What's not to love about booze? Ask anyone and they'll tell you it's the hangovers. They're inevitable and you know they're coming even as you down that tenth bottle, but the night is young and hey, you only live once. True and true, but you'll probably be regretting the previous night's choices the morning after.

So how awesome would it be if breweries can concoct booze...minus the hangover?

Apparently, that's what researchers from the Griffith Health Institute claim they can do. The hangover is caused by the dehydrative properties in beer, and it's precisely this stuff that they've removed in order to come up with hangover-less booze. Plus, they claim that it still tastes like booze minus all those elements.

Electro-light beer: yay or nay?

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