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Charisma Carpenter Tweeting Her Perty Perfect Bikini Body Means This Is Going to Be a Great Week

I didn't need to look far to find a good omen of the sextastic in this coming week. Thanks to a bunch of you who caught Charisma Carpenter over the weekend flashing her fleshy perfection in a bikini and looking to share her hotness with the rest of the world. I'm not sure why Charisma was shy about showing off her full and beautifully pouty face, but, as a man who can appreciate a woman just for her body, well, I'm feeling very appreciative here this morning.

And, oh, by the way, Charisma recently turned forty-three years of MILFtastic age. Check out that seriously beach ready body. She knows it's sweet and that's why she's sharing it with you. Have you ever seen me Tweet my body across the net? Nay. Nobody needs to feel their stomaches wrench. Just have their happy boys jump at the sight of Charisma. Great omen. This is going to be a great week indeed. Enjoy.

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