Charisma Carpenter Bikini Pictures Perfectly MILFtastically Awesome

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Whoa, Charisma Carpenterin her bikini on the beach in Malibu, be still my clogged arterial barely beating heart. What a true veteran hottie.

The 40-something sextastic celebrities are showing how to exhibit the bodies on the beach and by the pools today; just looking at Charima and her tanned fine body in a little blue bikini, well, first I want to go back and watch all her Buffy and Angel episodes. Then, I think I might cry for about eleven minutes. Followed by penning an endless number of heartfelt letters to Charisma asking her if I can be the guy who carries her purse while she shops for her next bikini.

I'd do that. I'd be a purse holder for Charisma. Holding a woman's purse in public is like a social castration, but just for the chance to see to Charisma 'turn around, let me see the backside'. It'd be worth it. Enjoy.

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