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Carrie Keagan Working Out, Pumping Up, Curving On

We got alerted by a few of you last week about TV hostess Carrie Keagan taking her curvaceous body show to the beach in Santa Monica for a little toning and public exhibition time. We couldn't just let that opportunity slip away to share your personal Carrie addiction with the wider community. After all, what are the odds of ever seeing another hot bosomy blonde on the beach in California?

Quantities aside, Carrie does possess some qualities not seen by every boobtastic bodyriffic bleached blonde here in Hollywood. That special 'it' factor that says, wow, it'd be cool if Carrie were my girlfriend, I'd even pretend to be interested when she started bitching about her friends at work. That's when you know you're hooked into a girl. Bitch away, Carrie, just please don't end the skintight thrusts.

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