Awesomely Horrible Netflix Instant Films: “The Omen III: The Final Conflict”

Kill The Nazarene!

The original Omen is a classic supernatural thriller about a powerful man who unwittingly adopts the Antichrist. Scenes from the film have been spoofed on Saturday Night Live and Damien has become the go-to name for the spawn of Satan. Damien: Omen 2 was decent too. It had a teenage Damian learning about his true self through Satanist high priest the dad from The Brady Bunch. Then there is Omen III: The Final Contact. The trilogy finale that should have been awesome, (like in awesome in a good way). Instead it’s a schlocktacular anti-climactic ending that left us all wanting more. Sam Neill’s Damian is diabolical alright…diabolically bad! Zing!

In this installment, Damien Thorn is all grown up and made of Sam Neill meat. He is the head of the biggest corporation on Earth and the whole world thinks he’s neato. His company feeds billions of people and innovates new food sources and medicines. Of course he also funds wars and bad stuff because EVIL! It looks like Damien is going to take over the world when the Christ child is born and ruins all his plans. Damien commands his minions to go out and kill all the babies just in case one of them is J.H.C. In the meantime he has to deal with some monks that want to stab him with those cross knives from the first movie. Just when you think Damien is going to have a “final conflict” with Jesus, some chick stabs him and he dies. The end.

Where is the war with all the armies of the world on the plains of Megiddo? Where is the ten-headed beast rising from the oceans? Where the F are the Four Horsemen? I went to Catholic school all my life and I know that the Book of Revelation is by far the coolest book in The Bible. It reads like a sci-fi epic but with Jesus at the end. So, needless to say the antichrist just kinda dying like punk at the end of the movie is laaaammmeee. Still, it’s worth a watch for Sam Neill’s scene chewingly awesome acting. He delights in being evil like a demonic Snidely Wiplash. The best scenes in the movies are when Neill goes to a room in his house with a life-sized grotesque crucified Jesus statue. He goes there to unwind and yell at the crucified Christ, like you do. The soundtrack by Jerry Goldsmith is excellent, especially his scary Satanic choir song, “Ave Satani”, from the first two movies. Do check out the original Omen which is also on Netflix streaming. That kid is creeppppyy.