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Vanessa Hudgens Bikini Pictures Are Sextastic Signals of Italian Vacation Lust

Pretty much half the known hottie universe seems to be in a bikini on or around the Italian island of Ischia these days, showing off their fine forms beneath the sea-faring sun. Include in that list Vanessa Hudgens, on a yacht anchored off Ischia, exhibiting her passion inducing petite form and all the work that has gone into it. Wow, it's quite a thing these days.

Somehow, I'm going to get to that Italian island. I'm told it's almost forty miles offshore, and seeing as how I can't afford a boat and I can only swim maybe half a league before becoming a likely drowning victim, it's probably time to start stringing together some logs and building a make-shift sail. If I die venturing out to sea for ridiculously hot women in hardly any clothing, I will die a happy man. Enjoy.

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