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Tulisa Contostavlos Bikinis Up in Ibiza, Chelsee Healey Sideboobs Right Alongside

Tulisa Contostavlos and her girl posse including British young woman acting type Chelsee Healey seemed to be having one hell of a time on vacation in the warm environs of Spain, drinking champagne and hanging out with boys by the pool. Not that I envy them, I mean, I do with the parts about hanging by the pool and getting loaded in the middle of the day. Let's face it, that's pretty fun. And all the girls and their sun-soaked skin stuff is pretty damn delightful as well.

Despite all her recent troubles with a drug related investigation, Tulisa didn't seem to let it stop her from being the center of attention in her two piece, or her buddy Chelsee from trying to get noticed too by showing off a heaping scoop of sideboob.

All in all I'd say these girls were full into vacation party mode. Not that they remembered to invite me. Alas, my fluorescent yellow Speedo remains unworn for yet another holiday weekend. Enjoy.

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