Tika Ivezaj Short Short Cheeky Delights in Miami

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You may recall Tika Ivezaj as one of the finalists in the 2009 Victoria's Secret heavily promoted search for their next Angel contest. She eventually lost out to Kylie Bisutti who turned out none too pleased with her short stint with the lingerie company. But, Tika, if you watch, you have not forgotten. She's gone on to do some other modeling, naturally, she's supremely hot. But one can only look back now and imagine three years worth of high class lingerie photos we missed out on.

The Albanian hottie did put on quite a show of precisely how to wear short shorts in Miami, if you happen to be gorgeous and have a killer butt and legs. Elsewise, I'd not really recommend this type of exhibition. But Tika in short shorts -- how do you say, 'Please smother me on my face' in Albanian?  Enjoy.

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