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This Supercut of Wolverine Screeming Will Fill You with an Angst Only 'The Wolverine' Can Relieve (VIDEO)

Everyone knows the last Wolverine movie, 2009's X-Men Origin: Wolverine, sucked furry little Gulo gulo balls. For that reason, not too many people were excited when they heard about the latest Wolverine flick, which is cleverly titled The Wolverine.

But then something funny happened. Details of the plot leaked. ('Wolverine goes to Japan and hangs with ninjas? That's not bad.') Then some pics from the set leaked. ('Wolverine fighting ninjas. Hmm, that sounds pretty cool.') Finally, the trailers came out. ('Giant samurai robot?!') All of a sudden, we were kinda pumped. Not Man of Steel pumped, or Avengers 2 pumped, but pumped.

Fortunately, the wait is almost over. We'll find out tomorrow (or, if you're a die-hard, tonight) whether Hugh Jackman has redeemed the Wolverine franchise in his fifth turn as the brooding knife-knuckled loner. Until then, tide yourself over with this amazing montage of the X-Man doing what he does best: growling and screaming. It comes courtesy of the good folks over at Vulture, and it's magnificent.

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