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'The Lone Ranger' Hate-Parade Begins

It's not even in regular people theaters until tomorrow, but already The Lone Ranger is the worst movie of the summer. Or so the critics would have you believe.

The Gore Verbinski reboot of the classic radio serial, comic, and TV show currently already has a '17% Rotten' rating on that website that judges things in varying degrees of tomato freshness. Ranger's star Johnny Depp will be eating the stuffed crow on his character's head if the movie doesn't prove critics wrong and drag audiences in by the old-tymey train-load. Armie Hammer will probably just remember that he has no reputation to uphold and continue blissfully plowing his ridiculously hot wife Elizabeth Chambers.

Given the myriad of craptastic flicks we've already seen this summer, how bad could it really be? It looks to us like one of those cutesy, fun-for-the-whole-family things that we probably won't see, but remains inoffensively within its bounds. No?

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