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The Future is Like a DMV From Hell in 'Elysium' (VIDEO)

Grim, dystopian futures are nothing new in Hollywood. From Metropolis to The Matrix, countless films have tried to warn us about the bleak fate that awaits humanity down the road. However, no film has painted a picture as disturbing as the one portrayed in this clip from Elysium in which Matt Damon visits what can only be described as a DMV from hell.

OK, that was a bit of hyperbole. Several films have portrayed the future as a Kafkaesque bureaucratic nightmare (Brazil, for example). But none have managed to do so by using such an annoying robot. God damn, I just want to punch that thing in its smug f*cking face! I assume Matt Damon will punch him for us, which will be worth the price of admission when Elysium opens August 9th.

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