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Taylor Swift Bikini Pictures a Little Bit Granny a Little Bit Sextastic Rock and Roll

I can't say these are the most outrageous bikini pictures ever of Taylor Swift, but with the tween friendly music artist, you really don't get a lot of skin. The sheer thong swimsuit is coming out any time soon. And not that Taylor doesn't have a nice enough female form to handle it, just take a gander at her goodies. But she's either a true old fashioned throwback, or she's just being told by somebody in management to look like a very proper girl.

So, the old fashioned bikini which I'm sure some of you will tell me is some super designer chic thing, but I will tell you resembles the two piece my grandma used to bust out once a year off-the-strip in Vegas for our annual $100 or less weekend getaways. That diva body deserves a little better. Enjoy.

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