Tamara Ecclestone Cleavetastic Swimsuit Suntanning

I guess you could say marriage suits Tamara Ecclestone. Or at least it's not slowing down. The heiress and lingerie line operator is a month into her first of nobody knows how many future marriages and she seems to be quite happy, at least in the mood to show off much of the genes she inherited from her model mom in this cleavage revealing swimsuit set of photos.

As you know, I have committed myself to finding a boobtastic sweet looking woman of means to keep me in the lifestyle I've become accustomed to over the years, or maybe that lifestyle but better food than Ramen noodles four nights a week. I'm thinking Tamara would not be a bad choice. That killer body. A naughty cheeky smile. And a few hundred million in the bank ought to just about do the trick. I'll probably have to watch a lot of soccer, but that's a tradeoff I'm willing to make. Just look at her. Enjoy

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