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Suzanne Quast Bikini Pictures for a Boobtastic Island Vacation Introduction

If you routinely lay like a piece of driftwood across your couch watching television, what I prefer to call my workout routine, you've probably seen blonde hottie Suzanne Quast in one of her many network TV guest appearances. If you're one of the more active types, then you can see her and her bodacious bodily form exiting the beach in Maui in a bikini, by way of a hello, nice to meet you.

As much as we truly dig seeing our recurring favorites here on the site, it's always nice to be introduced to an entirely new woman to obsess over and wonder how long into a date proposal it would take for her to pretend that her cell phone was buzzing and she needed to take a call. Probably right after the words, 'So, hey...' escaped my mouth. But I'm a gamer. A fisherman needs to cast a wide net if he wants to eat. Or something like that. Welcome to Egotastic! Suzanne. Stay a while. Maybe take off your top and make yourself more comfortable. Enjoy.

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