Sofia Vergara Cleavy for Terry Richardson Photoshoot

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Any time somebody tells me, 'Bill, you've got the best job in the world', well the first thing I do is show them my paycheck. Then they say, 'Bill, you've got the best nearly volunteer job in the world.' At which point I bring up Terry Richardson, photographer of super hot sextastic celebrities. The ones who find their way into his studio or hotel room for intimate photography sessions.

It's one thing to be a genius. It's another thing to be paid well to be a genius. Terry's got that. As he's also now got Sofia Vergara in his visual lexicon of sweet looking celebrities whose bodies he's captured in his traditionally black and white personal photos. Sofia Vergara is a seriously good get for any photographer, but to get her alone and in your private time studios, well, that's the genius part I guess. Enjoy.

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