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Selena Gomez Legs in Short Shorts, a Summer Time Dream

Well, it's my dream. To help her wax her petite but shapely stems. Perfectly smooth and... but I digress. Selena Gomez, our lovely little belusted Latina diva is rumored to be still occasionally sneaking off to see The Devil's Midget, which makes me sad. In my mind I think she's just pretending to keep him close so she can toss him off a bridge without too much suspicion. Though in my mind she also comes to my place wearing nothing but a necklace after offing the Biebs. It really is perfect.

Selena was showing off her legs in Studio City in a pair of short shorts. I'm not sure why she tries to hard to cover her face in public. We do have 10,000 photos of her. But, as long as she keeps feeding other delicious bits to ogle, I'm not going to complain about her Greta Garbo thing when she's out and about.

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