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Science Made a Real Life 'Total Recall' Happen in Rats, Thanks Science

I've got a new entry in the annals of Science is Totally Ripping-Off SciFi, Science is one step closer to making Total Recall a reality. No, we cannot get drunk in a bar on Mars or even trade quips with a mutant attached to another mutant's chest, it's just that they've successfully implanted false memories in rats.

Yeah, we're just that much closer to someone remembering it for us wholesale. (See what I did there? Boom.) As reported in the MIT Technology Review (clearly something I check with the utmost regularity because I'm so smart. No really, though, I read at a 7th Grade level. I'm basically retarded.) this is a real thing that really happened. Some scientist told them:

The results are really mind-blowing...It shows that your memories are really just activities of different cells, and they can take the place of an actual thing that happened by just activating some cells in the brain.

Uh, call me crazy, but that sounds like it's got some pretty scary implications, like the potential to uncover some sort of potential Martian conspiracy.

While we're at it, Science, where are we on that whole mice with three boobs thing, eh? (Oh, they have six? Yeah, lets not get into that one.)

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