‘Saints Row IV’ Trailer Celebrates the Fourth of July Right: With Anal Probes and Alien-Wrestling (VIDEO)

Saints Row IV Trailer
Surely the maddest, most patriotic weapon you'll see today.

For most of us, it’s a day for fireworks, awe-inspiring acts of chef-ly badassery at the barbecue and heroic alcohol consumption. A day to imagine Good Queen Lizzie bitching with her blue-blooded cohorts that she doesn’t own half the whole damn world any more, like her great great grandma did.

For the stars of the ever-snarky sandbox series Saints Row, though, today marks the biggest and most interplanetary-war-flavored Independence Day shitstorm since… Independence Day.

This latest Saints Row IV trailer may not feature Will Smith being “anxious to get up there and whup E.T’s ass,” but it’s channeling his spirit for sure. Watch as aliens invade, buildings rupture, a dominatrix cavorts in her undercrackers and gonads are punched. Because nothing says ‘Fourth of July’ like Uncle Sam running amok with a gatling gun.