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Raquel Rischard Bikini Pictures Put the Hot Bodied Photographer in Front of the Camera

From her prolific number of biographies online, presumably all of the autobiographical nature, I can tell you Raquel Rischard is a photographer who was born in Southern California and loves the outdoors and is inspired by water, air, and rocks. Something like that. She also has a couple unhappy customers of her photography services. But, that's not so unusual for a photographer of female models. Trust me, I've burned a few bridges by yelling out 'I've got less than five minutes, so let's get nekkid quick' in my own private photo studio. Especially when the girls realize I've left the lens cap on my camera.

However, there's no denying Raquel is one exceptional looking shutterbug. So, she took her own turn in front of the camera in a bikini body exhibition that's pretty damn spectacular. Not exactly like seeing the girl I'm crushing on at Subway posing covered topless in my backyard, as I keep proposing, but I'm getting a similar tingle of seeing the emergence of a new visual star here. Maybe move the hands a bit, accidentally let the bikini fall, we could have a masterpiece. Enjoy.

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