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Paula Patton Breaks Out the Guns for 2 Guns

I had the distinct privilege of meeting Paula Patton over the weekend. It was that kind of meeting where you know you're about to be face to face with a sweet hot lady, and you steel yourself so your legs don't turn to jelly and you don't start jabbering on about your kickball trophy from 3rd grade, then she appears even more drop dead gorgeous than you expected, and you turn into mush. I wish I could say it was a prouder moment for male-kind. But I broke.

Paula Patton showed up strong, I mean, really strong, to the 2 Guns premiere in N.Y last night, flashing all kinds of cleavage, and just a ton of 'look at me now' goodness. And you should be looking at Paula Patton. And if you're wondering if she looks as ridiculously sweet in person. Yes, yes she does. I'm feeling weak again. Enjoy.

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