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Paris Hilton Bikini Pictures for the Not So Private Girl Weekend Beach Party

Last week we saw the killer blowout party that Billionaire Barbiethrough for herself and a couple hundred of her closest friends for the 4th of July in Malibu. Well, the heiress decided to stay out at the summer house for the long weekend with just her purse dog and her young male model boyfriend for some extra days of tanning and bikini preening. For Paris, I guess you could call this a vacation from her regular work routine of hanging out at the beach and in nightclubs, which is far more draining than people might expect. Sleeping til noon only sounds easy until you're forced to do it.

Nevertheless, the blonde party girl did manage to pull off not one, but two separate bikini looks this weekend...

...reminding everyone why she still gets paid the big bucks in certain Middle Eastern nations to swing the big stick, or do something with the big stick that gets you paid. She is a national treasure. Enjoy.

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