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Our Dear Belusted Kate Beckinsale Turns 40 and Hotter Than Ever

It's hard to imagine just how much lust we've felt over these past many years for the MILFtastic faptastic Britty Kate Beckinsale. If I could bottle up all that lust, well, hell, they don't make bottles in that big a size. She has defined the hot mom in stretch pants and slender sextastic for many years now, always near the top of our list for reader favorites, and just one ridiculously good looking woman who we wouldn't mind being stranded on a desert island with with no recourse but to make continuous, never ending love to keep ourselves alive.

Today, our veteran hottie mom turns 40 so we take a look at some recent photos of her that display her MILFy visual treats. Kate shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. They used to say about go-getter woman that 40 is the new 30. I say 40 is the new 'please, call me, I've been a very bad boy'. Kate, seriously, get in touch. I need some discipline. Happy Birthday.

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