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Olivia Munn Birthday Boobtastic Celebration

Everybody asked me how I could forget it was Lindsay Lohan's birthday yesterday. Forget? Who do you think was smuggling a bottle of Grey Goose into her lockdown rehab last night after sundown?

But, today, we have a girl on the outside celebrating a birthday I simply did not want to overlook. The fanboy faptastic Olivia Munn. Olivia used to be one of the hottest girls next door on the planet. Sadly, not next door to me, but you get the idea. She went through a funky little showbiz step-up funk where she just looked kind of tired and sad a lot, but now she seems fully back, and at 33-years old today, looking hotter than ever.

While we would greatly prefer the in-person spanking machine celebration time with Olivia, that may not be possible today. Instead, let's tak a look at some of her finer, bikini and cleavage looks that made us fall in lust with her in the first place. Happy Birthday, Olivia!

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