Nina Agdal Goes Stars and Stripes and Hotness All Over for the Fourth

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What could be more All-American than Danish Delight Nina Agdal squirting condiments upon a sausage while dressed in a barely there stars and stripes bathing suit? Well, maybe a bunch of things. But nothing more I'd like to see this Fourth of July than Nina Agdal at my Independence Day party holding my hand in what I like to refer to as the annual running away from the police after lighting of the illegal fireworks. Nina and I would be like two rebels on the run, with nothing to slake our thirst for naughty good times but the depravities we would bestow upon one another in our gangster hideout.

But, back to Nina. And this spectacular holiday pictorial in Galore magazine. It really does speak of summer time dreams. With hot girls like Nina and their outrageously eyeball attracting bodies at the pool, the beach, or, you know, occasionally on the stage if one of your buddies happens to be having a summer time wedding. Enjoy.

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