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Michelle Hunziker Pregnant Bikini Beach Photos Because My Future Mommy Is Going to Be a Hot Mommy Again

No sooner have I nearly achieved my dream of having Swiss Miss model and TV hostess hottie Michelle Hunziker almost nearly agrees to be my new adopted mom, that she up and announces, err, visually declares, herself pregnant by way of her Euro-something boyfriend. Granted, my anger at being displaced in the new child department by a bio baby is mitigated by the site of my future hot mom in a bikini by the beach, showing off her swelling curvaceous body, both in the bikini, and the day before in revealing black one piece...

Still, it might've been nice to get a heads up on new of my future adopted brother or sister. Not to mention Michelle's existing teen daughter from another daddy might be having some feelings to work through. Baby's make everything complicated. Except for making mommy looking a little hotter when they're on their way. If you're into that kind of thing. And, as you know, I very much am no longer apologizing for that particular lust. Enjoy.

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