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Michelle Hunziker Bikini Pictures for the Ever Growing Preggo Hot Mommy

Despite many insistences to the contrary, I find my future adopted mom, the Swiss Miss and almost kind of married Michelle Hunziker to be getting more and more beautiful as she carries the half sister or brother of her already grown teen daughter, not to mention my own future adopted sibling.

Now, I'm not going to jump up on a stump and defend publicly breastfeeding moms, or attend a rally about giving all the good parking spots at Costo to women-with child, but when one of my favorite super hots starts to curve up in fertility, I'm right there with my offers of hand lotions, creams, and rubs to ease her aching sweet body. I just can not help it. And Michelle hanging out in her tiny bikinis whilst gestating is certainly not helping my cause. Oh, mama. Enjoy.

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